Gobilink offers professional hosting services to institutional customers and individuals with large power consumption needs.

Gobilink’s reliable and safe hosting services are available in several locations worldwide including Mongolia, the United States and Canada.

We understand that having a convenient and suitable geographic location is important to you as well as security and reliability for your equipment. Our worldwide locations are protected 24 hours a day in facilities with very stable electricity supply, and low power costs.

Secure locations in Mongolia, USA and Canada.

Gobilink offers Stable Power and 24/7 technical service.

We can offer simple contracts for power and location services, as well as full service turnkey packages.

For customers seeking turnkey solutions, we can provide all necessary equipment for hosting, this includes: ASIC miners, power infrastructure, network infrastructure and building infrastructure. We can also help with any customized demands for hosting your equipment.

Please contact us and let us know how much power and what kind of services you require.