What is Arbitrage ?

Arbitrage is taking advantage of coin price differences on multiple exchanges.

For example, a coin might be trading at $95 dollars in Poloniex, while it’s trading at $100 on Bitfinex.

  1. Buy 1 coin @ $95 on Poloniex

  2. Sell 1 coin @ $100 on Bitfinex

  3. Profit $5 from the difference in price

  4. Share the profit to your account

How it works

You simply need to send Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Lite Coin to the address provided in your account’s wallet page and hit the START button.

Using advanced algorithms, trades are executed automatically when a profitable arbitrage opportunity appears across two exchanges.

Once a day profits are calculated and distributed back to your account balance.

Your interest is compounded daily for maximum returns.

A safe investment

Aside from only trading guaranteed arbitrage opportunities, we only use the top rated crypto currency exchanges to ensure the safety of your coins. Currently we trade with Bitfinex, Poloniex and Bittrex, and plan on safely expanding to several more.