About us

Gobilink Inc is the world’s first full ecosystem company for crypto currency, offering both crypto currency financial products as well as equipment related products and services. With our head office strategically located in Shenzhen, China, considered the world’s crypto capital, we can take advantage of all the latest advances in the industry. We have access to the latest technology of equipment including the upcoming 7nm ASIC miner.

We have access to stable electricity in different locations worldwide such as the Canada, United States and Mongolia for stable and safe hosting services. Mongolia is especially attractive due to our strong local relationships as well as a supportive government to help make our products mainstream in the country and available to the world from a secure geographical location.

Gobilink also offers investment opportunities, such as our arbitrage algorithmic trading accounts, which has delivered very consistent profits to our clients each month. For large institutional investors we offer cloud mining investment opportunities, and coming soon we will have cloud mining services for individuals.

Gobilink’s head office is located in Shenzhen, China, with branch offices in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and Taipei, Taiwan.